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HypeBeast Dog Fashion Takes Over The Fashion Industry

Who says dogs can’t live life looking like the runway model of all pooches? At Doggy Blvd Dog Fashion, it is ensured that cool, snazzy owners have a similar wardrobe for their best friend.

The dog fashion apparel they design is conducive to the weather and fits snugly, but it also serves the practical function of attaching your dog’s leash to his outfit to prevent his escapades from your grasp.

Many multi-millionaire dogs (as the kings of their houses eating gourmet grub) don’t look the part, especially at fashion events with their owners. Doggy Blvd’s products, like the Monogram hoodie, combine the street fashion scene with the comforts of dog apparel to keep your dog’s fashion game and visual appeal up there with yours.

With customizable colors and different styles and sizes, Doggy Blvd has something for every puppy who wants to look snazzy! Their dog apparel is a collector’s item with rave reviews about comfort and even the pickiest dogs loving their fit.

Sizes For All

Their size chart is vast in range- for Pomeranians, you will need a size Large from the collection, a fully grown Maltese will also fit snugly into a Large, younger, puppy French Bulldogs and the like fit into a size XL, -3XL/FB size. Goldendoodles can fit comfortably into sizes 2XL-3XL and most larger dogs are larger than 30 pounds into 3XLs.

Their size chart is detailed as below, so get your measuring tape out and tailor for your pooch a cute suit:

  • 3XL - Maximum 16" Neck. Maximum 24" Chest

  • 2XL - Maximum 14" Neck. Maximum 20" Chest

  • XL - Maximum 13" Neck. Maximum 18" Chest

  • L - Maximum 12" Neck. Maximum 16.5" Chest

  • M - Maximum 11" Neck. Maximum 15" Chest

  • S - Maximum 10" Neck. Maximum 13.5" Chest

  • XS - Maximum 9" Neck. Maximum 11" Chest

As a premium, industry-leading dog apparel company, Doggy Blvd is committed to ensuring that your dog looks snazzy while feeling completely comfortable since the products are not itchy or tight and don’t impede your dog's mobility.

Their main goal with their apparel is to take over HypeBeast Dog apparel by combining the aesthetics of musicians, artists, and dog lovers alike in the form of a brand!

With every purchase, customers contribute to a cause- 5% of all profits to the ASPCA (, which helps animals in need get medical treatment, get fostered, and find loving homes.

Use coupon code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first order.


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