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About Us

Doggy BLVD was created by a team of dog lovers in Los Angeles, CA and lead by Musician/Entrepreneur Marc illy. Marc is also the owner of Munchkin the Pomeranian and also loves to help other dogs. Doggy Blvd is designed and made with one goal in mind; to express your dog the same way you express yourself when you pick out your outfit of the day. Dogs deserve to look fashionable as well. Not only does Doggy Blvd believe in making luxury fashion for your dog, we also want to help all dogs in need that we can. Doggy Blvd is committed to making sure every dog has a great home and a loving owner. Marc is working on a foster service platform to go hand and hand with Doggy Blvd. Marc isn't new to Dogs or Dog fashion. He has owned 17 different dogs throughout his lifetime. Growing up all around the world gave Marc a really open-minded and broad outlook on life and a true appreciation for animals. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, moving to South Africa as a kid, Los Angeles and South Florida, allows Marc to relate to many cultures across the world. Marcs love for animals doesn’t stop at dogs, living in South Africa as a kid he was able to see up close and personal so many animals. His favorite animal is a giraffe and a white tiger. When it comes to Music and Dog fashion, Marc pays close attention to details and wants to transcend that into his Dog clothing brand. In 2022 and beyond. Doggy Blvd donates $1 of every order to go toward a homeless dog in need. Imagine if your child was alone walking the streets with nobody to feed them or care for them. If you own a dog you know the feeling and love you have for your furry best friend and know that when you love and care for your dog, you would do anything for them. Doggy Blvd cares about pets and wants to make a difference in the fashion world by bridging the gap and connecting dogs and humans with fashion and allowing you and your pup to make a statement together simultaneously, on and off the runway.

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